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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 03:09

Shinjuku Gyo-en National Garden
11 Naito-cho
Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03/3350-0151

This gorgeous 150-acre park was once the estate of the powerful Naito family of feudal lords, who
were among the most trusted retainers of the Tokugawa shoguns. In 1871, after the Meiji
Restoration, the family gave the grounds to the government, which -- not quite ready yet to put such
gems at the disposal of ordinary people -- made it an imperial property. After World War II, the
grounds were finally opened to the public. It's a perfect place for leisurely walks: paths wind their way
through more than 3,000 kinds of plants, shrubs, and trees; artificial hills; ponds and bridges; and
thoughtfully placed stone lanterns. There are different gardens in Japanese, French, and English
styles as well as a greenhouse filled with tropical plants. The best times to visit are April, when 75
different species of cherry trees -- 1,500 trees in all -- are in bloom, and the first two weeks of
October, during the chrysanthemum exhibition. COST: •200. Tues.-Sun. 9-4; also open Mon. 9-4 in
Apr. cherry-blossom season. Subway: Marunouchi Line, Shinjuku Gyo-en-mae Eki (Exit 1). (Source:

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