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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 01:20

Neo-Dark Kingdom.
* Lord Onyx the Shadowblade (human name: Alex Ruby): A warrior from
the dark kingdom who has come in search of the stone of darkness, a
relic with which to validate his claim to the throne of the dark
* Tick-Tock: A female youma with the power to affect time. She is
Onyx's chief advisor and secretly his beloved. they try to keep
this VERY secret.
* Seth Uryll: One of Onyx's minions, this is Seth's first trip to the
human world. unlike the shitennou (jadite, zoicite, nephrite and
Kunizite) Seth is extremely flexible and adaptable.
* Ikari Akikko-sensi: A former Doctor at the hospital ran by Ami's
mother. She has been exposed to DREAM and is now onyx's chief
* Scalpel: A youma. the living scource of the drug called DREAM...its
exact properties when ingested are unrevealed. due to its origins,
DREAM is strictly a tool of evil.
* Matsuzaki-Sama: An aging yakuza boss who sells drugs from a Shinjuku
nightclub. Dr. Ikari was once one of his clients.
* Familiars: These are Onyx's 'monsters of the day' their origins are
currently unknown.

other characters:
* Onnano Henko: Sailor Psycho (as in Psychosis), the insane fighter.
As the senshi represent a various aspect, the insane fighter sailor
Psycho draws from the dark side of the moon. likewise, in her
former life, she was under the tutelege of Moon and Mercury and as
such can instictively merge her powers with theirs.
* Onnano Joanna: Henko's mother. Not even 50. She is an american who
came to japan to study eastern magicks. she married the older
Kikujiro and loves him deeply, despite his current age.
* Onnano Kikujiro: born 30 years before his wife, Kikujiro dedicated
his life to his role of spiritualist. at 57, he married a young
woman who had come to japan to learn about eastern magicks at the
insistance of her coven. he never expected to be a father, so he
tends to dote on Henko. Sadly though, His health is failing (he is
76 yeas old) and he is extremely proud of his daughter.
* Feral: Henko's familiar, a small reddish-brown fox. He is also a
moon-animal reincarnated, but his crecent moon crest is currently
dormant. as such, while he is extremely intelligent for an animal
(3-4X as smart as a common fox) he is unable to speak outside of
telepathic and empathic means and strictly because his mind is
linked to Henko's.
* Tsuhara Maiko: Known as "mighty maiko", she is one of Henko's
classmates and childhood friends. while not very attractive, she is
an extremely strong martial artist with rankings in three different
* Tsuwaki Saiori: born of a Chinese mother and Japanese father, Saiori
is a 'pampered princess' and another of Henko's best friends. She
enjoys flirting, wearing chinese-style dresses and is the number one
fan of Kou Taiki...bordering on STALKER levels....
* Ikiko Yuka: probably Henko's BEST friend in the whole world. she is
a normal girl in every sense of the word. She is troubled by
henko's recent rash of bad dreams.
* Fukizawa Jun: born to conservative CHRISTIAN parents, a rare thing
in japan, Jun is torn between making her parents, and herself,
happy. Currently grounded for indescretions, she is the one who got
tickets to the talent contest.

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