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Post by mercuryfan on Fri 11 Oct 2013, 21:02

We have a few specific rules here (besides the general RPG rules) :

* No character can be too powerful and/or not have any
physical weakness.  Remember this is a Sailor Moon RPG, and
those of us playing the sailor soldiers from the TV series,
and other characters with their own specialties and their own
physical weakness(es) like the sailor soldiers have,
have characters that (for example) can't easily thwart every type
of physical and/or magical attack.  The only possible exception
is if the character is only an advisor/mentor to other character(s),
meaning this advisor never truly fights any other character.

* Don't modify any religion(s).  And don't act as if your (character's)
beliefs, whether or not they follow any established religion,
are the way reality is for all characters in this RPG.  If you're
going to have your character say something about her/his beliefs
or do something related to religious beliefs, make sure it's
in such a way that other characters can believe something else,
and these other beliefs could be true, just like
your character's beliefs might (or might not) be true.

* You must post as a character to be added to the Character List.
If you have claimed a character but not posted as her/him,
we will re-open the character (before long) for anyone else
that asks for the character.

* If you go a long time without posting as a character (maybe
a matter of weeks, definitely if it's been a matter of months),
the character will be re-opened for anyone else, even if
you had posted as this character at one time.

* Therefore, if you are going to be gone for a while...please
inform us. We might be able to work around your abscence
and let you have your character back afterwards if we know
it's temporary.

* Messages not related to this RPG are generally allowed, but
only if they're related to the Sailor Moon title, or at least
anime/manga in general.  Any message having nothing to do with
anime or manga or this RPG will most likely be deleted
once one of us sees it.

Even though they aren't truly rules, we have also followed
the following two conventions throughout this RPG :

* Post RPG in third-person POV, not first-person. Examples :
Makoto ran up to Haruka and kicked her in the knee.
Moon said "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

* If you put both OOC stuff and RPG stuff in the same message, put
the acronyms OOC and RPG (some people use BIC instead of the latter)
at the beginning of each appropriate section. Examples are message #s
1907 and 3564 in the Yahoo Group. OOC stuff does not need to be in
parentheses, but it doesn't hurt either.

Swearing - I don't have a problem with "Oiy! Bloody hell..", so unless
someone else says something, I think that's okay. Though we do have
some people in this group that would be sensitive to anything stronger
than that or "damn", so try to either avoid those or at least x out
key letters (e.g. s**t).

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