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"Negaverse no Kokuzoku" Akino
Name: Daigoh Kurotsuki
Age: 21
Birthdate: November 24
Height: 6' 5"
Eye Color: silver
Hair Color: Onyx; Long and straight
Personality: he is calm, melancholic but very friendly
Fighting name: Akino/Gaokage Akino (Roaring Shadow)
Henshin: Execute! Darkness Revolution!/Execute, Wild Darkness Revolution
Talismans: Negaverse(Dark Kingdom) earrings; black on left ear, silver on right
Element: True Darkness
Baattle colors: black and dark gray
Uniform: [Akino] Black Sleeveless trench coat with belt straps,
(on the back of the jacket the Negaverse(Dark Kingdom) Insignia
in silver), black cargo pants, and Black casual shoes
[Gaokage Akino] The same thing, but his skin is a pale gray, as
if he looked vampiric, and his eyes are golden
Shoes: A pair of black casual shoes
gloves: None, black bands
weapon: Psychic abilities
Attacks: Blazing Mandala - A repeat of Sailor Mars' attack Burning Mandala,
except it is in black flames and has offensive and defensive methods
Shadow Wide Pressure - A fusion of the Sonic Boom and the Sparkling
Wide Pressure.
Akino Eizoh - A copy of Akino is used to fight off evil from far away
Yami Submerge - Sailor Neptune's Deep Submerge, but it rains...
Shadow Rain [Gaokage Akino] - Gaokage Akino jumps in the air and
thousands of shiruken rain from sky only damaging evil people
Hauzer Flare [Gaokage Akino] - Similar to DaiTaiyoh's Sunlight Blaze,
the only difference is that he breathes out of his mouth, and it is
black fire.
Blackmoon Storm [Gaokage Akino] - a fusion of Shadow Wide Pressure
and Yami Submerge.

The legendary traitor of the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse), his name is Akino, During the silver millennium, he was once was Queen Metalia's Commander-in-chief named Corundite. But after some misunderstanding, he was nearly killed by the woman he loved; Queen Beryl. Left for dead, he was found by Emperor Xi'an Taiyoh of the Taiyoh Empire, Corundite, was given a new name, Kurotsukio Daigoh and a brand new identity; Akino, and with that new identity, Akino fought side by side with Xi'an and Kamiya Taiyoh against the people who tricked him; the Dark Kingdom, they fought against an army lead byPrince Millennius of the Dark Kingdom. As they defeated Millennius, Daigoh and Kamiya were sent to warn Queen Serenity. But it was too late, Metallia and Beryl attacked the Moon Kingdom. In the present he is a young man with a "nobara" or flower shop not only that, he makes western-type wedding gowns and kimono. Everyone in Tokyo loves his, mute, melancholic, but humble manner to people.

When trouble awakes, Daigoh becomes, Akino, the traitor of the Dark Kingdom. His powers are only equaled to the power of his heart. when he attacks, he mostly uses Akino Eizoh, which projects a true copy of Akino.

Akino, Xi'anTaiyoh, DaiTaiyoh and Millennius are original characters based on
my SM Fanfic called "DaiTaiyoh" I am only claiming the characters I created,
Sailor Moon is created by Naoko Takeuchi-Togashi, and should be given lots of
cool credit!

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