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Name: Kazeno Shugorei
Alias: The Comet Knight
Age: 16, October 31
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Blue
Transformation Item: Pendant
transformation Phrase: Comet System. Activate.
Persoanlity: Shugorei is quite prone to slapstick situations, especially ones
that no one in their right mind would fall for. however when he is not in this
visual joke for everyone, he is super serious and by the book. this gives him
comfidence. Enough that it is almsot to the point of arrogance.
Appearence: Civilian mode: He wears the school uniform almsot everytime one
sees him. He even has modified version for different occasions., such as cut
off pants and a silk version of the jacket for trips to the beach
Comet Mode: Comet knight wears a suit of armor that looks like toned down plate
armor. It is definitly lighter and more aerodynamic. The plates are green and
his eyes glow bright green when it is on. The helemt is held together by two
Super Speed - Capable of moving short distances at incredible speed, Comet
knight uses his armor as a weapon in high speed strikes. He can only move about
40 feet in a single spurt, but moves fast enough that he can't be seen.
Synthetic Power - The power of Comet knight does not come from a connection to
any comet, like the Senshi do. It comes from a battery that transmits it to
him. As such he is not drained physically when he runs out of Power.
Protocols - Shugorei can not reveal or let others know that he is the Comet
Knight. If he transforms, he must do it away from the presence of anyone else.
He must also receive permission from the general to transform.
Shugorei is the son of the general of a new fighting force in japan's Self
Defense Force, the youma busters.

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