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Yagami Vita - Sailor Belka Empty Yagami Vita - Sailor Belka

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Player Name- Kumiko Yamazaki

Contact Info(most used/frequent first)- pretty.cure@gmail.com

Character Name- Yamagami Vita / Sailor Belka

Age- 15

Gender- Female

Origin- Osaka, Japan

Birthday- May 19

Star Sign- Taurus

Birthstone- Topaz

Blood type- AB

Eyes- Bright Blue

Hair- firey red hair, tied back in pigtails.

Skin- Palish skin...with just a touch of pink

Other Physical Description- Looks a bit younger than she really is (almost 10-ish) but her voice and mannerisms betray this. Usually looks annoyed, rarely smiles.

Clothing - Regular clothes, varies, but tends to be very boyish with either shorts or short skirts with a variety of boyish t-shirts.

Equipment/Accessories- Graf Eison - this appears as a small hammer on a necklace, but when she transforms into her senshi form it turns into a rather huge war hammer.

Personality - Vita is typically hot-tempered and stubborn; she also comes off as gruff, aloof and standoffish. Its not that she's uncaring, just that she doesn't get close to people easily. Those she does get close to though will see a softer and more loving Vita, one who would gladly die for her friends. However, that won't stop her from barking at them too - just that she'll do it with more pizzazz. Kinda like a combo between Manga Rei and Makoto.

She is especially devoted to Hayate, and is willing to go to considerable lengths to protect her, but promises not to kill anyone in order to not "defile Hayate's future with blood." However, she is a loyal team member and once she joins a group, she will obey orders to her utmost, showing complete respect for her commanders.

Likes - cold turkey sandwiches, quiet, cute girls (quiet ones), sunsets, sunrises, Baroque music and a lot of Wagner's Music

Dislikes - noise, noisy people, macho men, bullies, loud music, tofu

Fears - Failing to protect her sister Yagami Hayate and her other friends... being the last alive due to her own weakness

Hobbies - Croquet, baseball, attending philharmonic orchestra performance - especially those of Richard Wagner, spending time with her sister, karate, hapkido

Goals/Dreams - Find a way for her sister to walk, find a cute girl and marry her, the rest is still undecided as she's not sure what she wants to do for a living

Other - She has three older siblings, Shamal (17 f), Zafira (19 m), Signum (20 f). None of them show any powers, though Zafira and Signum are trained martial artists too

Henshin Name- Sailor Belka

Henshin Item- Graf Eisen (small hammer on a chain around her neck)

Henshin Phrase - Sailor Belka, the Iron hammer senshi of the Iron Court, call upon the blessings of St Graf Eisen to bestoy upon this unworthy girl the power to protect and punish!

Henshin Appearance- When in her senshi form, Vita wears a red Gothic Lolita-style sailor fuku with black frills and yellow ribbons adoring the skirt hem and waist, and her shoulder hems. Her head is adorned with a large red flopppy hat which has two plush rabbit heads on it. On her feet is a pair of black and red boots. Just like in her human form, she havs a permanent glare of utter defiance.

Henshin Description - Vita pulls up her necklace and kisses it, followed by calling out the phrase ìBelka Star Power! Make-up!î . She then makes a circle in front of her with a hand gestureÖA black and red whirlwind appears and begins to cover her from head to toe in the darknessÖ.she begins to spin, slowing but elegantly, and then her arms and legs begin to kick out to either side, each time one doesÖit kicks out naked, glows and returns to her side coated in the Senshi gloves/boots. After that, the whirlwind goes from black to bright white and when it fades..she is fully dressed in her costume. She thrusts the enlarged hammmer gleaming in front of her and points it at her foeÖ ìAre you ready to meet your maker?î She says quietly.

Henshin Weapons- Graf Eisen

Henshin Powers- (see list below)

Sirius Hammerform ó The default mode of Graf Eisen

Sirius Raketenform (Missile Form) ó Graf Eisen transforms into its more powerful rocket-propelled assault mode

Sirius Gigantform (Giant Form) ó Graf Eisen grows to many times its (or for that matter, Vita's) size.

Sirius Gegenstand kommt nah (Approaching Target) ó Vita can use Graf Eisen to close in on a target.

Sirius Panzer Schild (Armor Shield) ó Blocks all magical attacks coming from one direction with a triangular magic shield

Sirius Pferde (Horse Speed) ó Briefly boosts Vita's speed by summoning up a localized wind effect focused on her feet.

Tˆdliche Strafe (Deadly Punishment) ó Basic Hammer attack with extra power.

Schwalbe Fliegen (Swallow Flier) ó Vita produces up to four red balls and strikes them with Graf Eisen. The balls home in on their target and explode.

Familiars/Guardians- None thus far.

Current Status- She has just awakened to her true identity so she is still learning to use her powers as well as who she was and her place in the real world. She has not yet met any other senshi...and really only wants to use her powers to protect her neighbourhood.

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