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Post by mercuryfan on Sun 16 Aug 2015, 21:08

Name: Nephelae
Alias if out in public: Mystee Rain

Place of origin: Earth, japan

Race: white

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color and length: sky blue to the middle of her back

Arch-Enemy: Jupiter and Uranus for those control various aspects of weather

Weapons: a weather staff-It is a basic metal staff which the color matches her eyes

Known Magic if any: The staff produces weather like effects. It enhances her already natural abilities
· Freezing Rain: It freezes the target in place. It expires once it is melted.
· Blizzard: Blinding snow, freezing temperatures, and wind come with this attack. It covers about half a kilometer diameter with the center located around her. She can will it away. It is dispersed by wind from the outside or up above. It takes her full concentration to control it.
· Straight-line Wind: Knocks over enemies, for the winds are about 100 km/h. She can sustain it for about 3 minutes.
· Chain Lightning: She targets one of her enemies throwing a bolt of lightning at them. It will than arc to the nearest target, 2 meters or less, and strikes them. She can target more than one enemy if she wants, but each target after the first will take 25% less damage than the one before. It expires after 4 targets.

Reason for being a Villain aka Background:

She used to be a teen weather forecaster for her school. One night she went out to check some rain levels in her backyard and got struck by dark lightning twice. She was rushed to the ER but the weird thing was that the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her. Her clothes were not burnt, nor was her skin in any way. Absolutely nothing was wrong. Well until her teacher at class chose someone else for Mystee's job because of the incident feeling that Mystee needed some time to fully recover. The person seemed to have a better presence on camera than she did. At first Mystee was okay with since she still helped with getting accurate forecasts. However she noticed that they had no intention of reinstating her. Anger only fueled the dark power within her.

Mystee was angry at her teacher for stopping her from doing what she loves. She wanted another chance to prove that she was better than the bastard they replaced her with. She was unsure as to how to go about it. She practiced day and night to give a better on screen presence. Her efforts did not truly improve anything. Everyone was happy with how things turned out.

She was returning home one day from the library. She was picking up books in order to help her. She noticed something glittering in the grass. It was a gray staff with a note attached to it. ‘This will come in handy.’ She was a bit confused by this.

She dropped her side project as she felt compelled to understand more about the staff. It was during one of those sessions she released the power from within. It arced lightening. With more time and patience she was able to unlock more powers from it.

Revenge was the name of her game. In the middle of the next broadcast she let loose a lightning storm. She let the rain soak all the electronics than fired them. Many people suffered electrical burns. Her teacher and the person who took her job where hurt the worst with third degree burns covering their bodies. They died before the paramedics were there.

She enjoyed causing that chaos. No one truly knew that it was her. She changed her name. She wants nothing more than to prove to the world that she is a force not to piss off. They find that weather scientist die of lightning strikes whenever they make a wrong prediction.

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