Chione (Kaguya's sister)

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Chione (Kaguya's sister) Empty Chione (Kaguya's sister)

Post by mercuryfan on Thu 20 Nov 2014, 20:59

Civilian Name: Chione
Gender / Age: female 20
Birthday: December 31
Planetary Origin: Polaris AB
Family Member: Kaguya, younger sister

Appearance: Chione has a fragile looking frame though she has a bit of muscle to her. She has a long face with high cheek bones with thin pale pink lips that has a long nose tracing a line up to her ice blue eyes. Her skin is pale white as her hair is a light blonde that almost looks white which reaches to her mid back, usually held back in a messy braid.

Personality: Chione enjoys living the quiet life style. She stays away from large groups of people. Often she is described as having a chip on her shoulder, in fact she would rather keep it that way. She often does not show emotion to others unless they are very close to her such as family. She tends to have few friends if any at all since she enjoys her solitude. If someone upsets her, the anger is cold and calculating. She takes revenge on them by encasing them in a sheet of ice even going as far as taking her revenge out on her family.

Likes: Solitude, anything cold, pale blues and white
Dislikes: large crowds, warm weather, and people who rub her he wrong way

Background Information: Chione has lead her life in basic solitude since she was a little girl living within the Polaris star system. Her parents would often catch her playing with her powers over snow and ice. They would often joked that she was their winter princess. She was happy even when her baby sister was born until they started to favor her a little more. She would often pout which caused various storms around the palace. It took quite some convincing before she fully accepted Kaguya. From that point on, she worked to keep her sister as safe as possible.

Her parents were on their way to pay homage to the queen of Sol System as well as wanting to add Chione into the sacred ranks of the senshi when they met with tragedy. The message of her extra special gifts never reached those ears. Chione was grief stricken to the point where she locked herself in her rooms, refusing to see anyone, including her sister. She would stay there for many years. She was not even aware that Kaguya had run away by hitching a ride on a comet and she started to collect various planets to fill the void left by her family.

Chione kept herself locked away as time went by. Her people suffered as the advisor ruled instead of her. The advisor sucked dry everything that they had. Cries for help fell unto deaf ears, eventually silenced as they either died or found refuge somewhere else. She found the silence around her comforting as she wallowed in her self pity even more. There a was rumor of her sister's death that caused her to want to rejoin the rest of the universe. She was sadden and angry at that the same time. She was unsure as to what power this White Moon Princess held to defeat one of the snow. She felt the need to investigate the rumors to see if they were true or not. She used the same mode of travel as Kaguya by hopping on a comet heading towards the Sol System, truly unsure of what she would find.

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