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Post by mercuryfan on Wed 30 Jul 2014, 00:13

Name: Daisy (can transform into Sailor Daisy)

Age: 23 years

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 254 lbs.

Occupation:formerly Melee Fighter of BBC



F/L Person:Sailor Bellbud/Black Snapdragon

Extremely strong/muscular - in fact, he looks (and is) inhumanly so
(he can crush a human skull with one good hit); just shy of body builder
physique, in both male (human/civilian) and female (senshi) forms;
has short blond hair and green eyes.

Personality: Very dumb (in fact, borderline mentally retarded).
Can be easy to get along with, though - if you are nice to him first.

Strength: is a master of melee combat

Weakness: doesn't like taking orders

Martial Arts known: karate, a lot of taekwondo, some jujutsu

Attacks (only in Sailor Daisy form):
Throwing Knives - She makes a motion as if to throw a sharp knife at the target, and
calls out the name of this attack.  Suddenly, several sharp knives (looking like the type
that can be thrown at a piece of wood and stick into it) appear in front of her
and start speeding towards the target.

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