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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 00:22

"I must tell you of
your enemy,the Black Blossum Clan...and of their plans
for us,Earth's citizens,and the planet itself."Glenn
stated.<br><br>"...these people are theHighguards of the planet
Satania,home to the Satan Blossum.They were chosen by the
Blossum itself to defend it's home planet.When Evan's and
my Galactic Hunters defeated Satania's kings,which
the Black Blossum's job also were to protect,the
plant temporary sealed itself into a huge seed and was
given a final order:To let the Black Blossum plant and
reproduce itself on Earth so it can feed and destroy all
human lifeforms on this planet,so it can restablish
Satania's semi-human race(think humans born like babies
from a tree-woman mother.)"

The 3 Kings of Satania were 4 members of the
purest bloodline from the planet.I am not really sure
who or what the 4th member was,but rumours point to
the Satan Blossum itself."<br><br>"Anyway there were
6 members of the Highguard of the planet Satania.As
you may have figured it out,their name is the Black
Blossum Clan,due to that they are mostly from the same
family.Their names are Black Rose,Black Lilly,Black
Daisy,Black Geranium,Black Bellbud,and their leader,Black
Snapdragon.You people have already seen damage done by
Geranium,who was the person who placed the Seal of Spirit
Control on me while I fought Rose in a nearby alleyway.It
was not till later when some of you saw Rose slice
off my hand.Rose was not all that
powerful;Actually,he is the LEAST POWERFUL of these
people."<br><br>"Rose was the groups gentleman figure.He was an expert
of the sword like I am.He had the power to charm any
lady through his beautiful eyes."<br><br>"Geranium is
the most annoying of the Clan,due to her having been
given the power over death and can die plenty of times
before you can finally take her down for the final
time.I know her only two weaknesses,since I had contact
with her thoughts for a long time.They are the sheer
beauty of Black Snapdragon and flame."<br><br>"Daisy is
the most unintelligent member of the group.He is
about as close as you can get before actually being
severely mentally retarded.Even though he is
dumb,however,he is the groups strongest hitter,crushing a human
skull with one good swipe.He doesn't like taking orders

"Black BellBud is known as the group's best
sorceror.She has an incredible amount of spells at her
side.She is probably the most dangerous,because she
doesn't have any outward weaknesses."<br><br>"Black Lilly
is the Mistress in the group,due to her love for
sexual libido among other things in the area of sex.I
almost lost a battle against her,due to her excellent
marksmenship.Her weakness you will find out whenever we fight
her"<br><br>"Black Snapdragon was known on Satania as the world's
best Magickal Fencer.My skills don't even match up to
one-sixth of his skill,but he has a weakness for
Geranium,his wife,and his daughter Lilly.I actually knew
Snapdragon at one point in my life,but that is another story
that can wait."


Sailor Mercury says "Thank
you for telling us all that info, Glenn. How did you find all that out?"


"This is not the first time I have met the Black
Blossum Clan.Before the war,I used to be friends with
Black SnapDragon."<br><br>"It was a supremely long time
ago,before the War Of The 3 Kings on Satania.I had a job as
a bounty hunter.On day,I got a mission to find a
missing person on the planet Satania.I searched high and
low.I finally found this person.It was none other than
Black Lilly(6 years old at the time)She had ran away
from home because her father,SnapDragon,got mad and
yelled at her.When I returned her to her
parents,SnapDragon was overjoyous.He ended up giving me a couple of
$$$ more than I asked for,and a home cooked meal by
Black Geranium(she cannot cook very well)."<br><br>"As
for knowing the weaknesses of the Clan members,I
found this out in a very peculiar way.When I was
trapped by the Seal,I could see and hear her past
conversations.She thinks SnapDragon is the best man there is;She
thinks rose was a arrogant pansy;She thinks BellBud as
her best friend;She thinks of Daisy as the gentle
giant;and Lilly as a slut."


FYI : Lilly is the daughter of husband & wife SnapDragon and Geranium

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