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Post by mercuryfan on Sat 26 Jul 2014, 23:40

Player: mertmidnightangel
Name: Hoshiko Yamamoto
Senshi Name: Sailor Lyra
Age: 17
Birthday: September 21
Birthstone: Sapphire
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 145
Hair: Silver/White
Eyes: blue/green, changes between the 2 depending on emotion and intensity
Physical Appearance: tall, fair skinned, appears fairly athletic
Normal Clothes: Tops, blouses, shorts skirts, pants. She is always up to date on fashion.
Senshi Fuku: Standard fuku, colors are sky blue and yellow
Transformation: standard henshin pen with symbol of Lyra on it
Guardian Pet: Female Bengal cat named Aurora
Strengths: Expert in karate
Weakness: Very prideful and volatile when angry
Likes: Dancing, singing, magic, mythology, fashion
Dislikes: Math, dealing with idiots
Personality: Very sweet and easygoing, can sometimes be a bit over exuberant though.

Attacks: 1) Nebula Flare (fires starlight colored flame at the enemy)
2) Starlight Scatter (for multiple enemies, shoots off a lot of little balls of stardust)
Special abilities: Empathy, 6th sense

Brief History: Princess of Planet Lyra, she was a member of the Royal Court when Queen Beryl attacked. In the modern day, she’s the daughter of Yohji Yamamoto, one of the most famous fashion designers in Japan (look him up, it’s true). As such she is VERY into fashion and knows how to make almost anything look good. She has even helped her father with some of his fashion lines, adding her own designs. Her father has given her full credit for every successful design, causing her to gain fame in the fashion world as well. One day while walking home from school she came across a beautiful spotted cat and decided to bring it home. Imagine her surprise when it thanked her for her kindness. She said her name was Aurora and that she had been looking for Hoshiko for a long time. This was when she was given her henshin pen and informed of her mission. That was 2 yrs ago, and she has been travelling the world with her father while taking out whatever Dark Kingdom agents she could find. With the destruction of the Dark Kingdom, she concentrated on her studies while travelling, deciding to leave the protection of the Earth to the rest of the senshi since they seemed to have things well in hand and all the enemies seemed to want to hit Tokyo anyway. But these new enemies she senses do have her a bit on edge, so she’s decided to stay home this time, and has taken up her senshi mantle once more…

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