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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 22:51

Name: Spencer Wilde
Sex: Male
Age: 19
H/W: 5’10” / 157lbs
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Midnight Black (to the waist, tied in a series into a ponytail, has a narrow strip of red colored hair running down the length at the back)

Story: The Celestial Beast Hunter, he appears to destroy the remaining Celestial Beasts and to destroy their caretakers and masters - the Sailor Senshi.

Power(s): Has the power of ‘Byakko’ and several other Celestials. Can manipulate his life energy and focus it to form his patented ‘Ki Klaws’ on his hands and has his energy increased five-fold during a battle. The more he lets his ‘Byakko’ loose from his mental control, the more animalistic he acts and also the more powerful his attacks become thanks to his other dimensional warping of his powers.

Name: Ayase Matsura
Sex: Female
Age: 17
H/W: 5’4” / 117lbs
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Raven dark (short with boyish, messy look)
Story: A Celestial Beast, she was living with a family clan who had adopted her when they were destroyed. She is protecting another orphan taken in by the same clan en route to find the Sailor Senshi. More specifically, she needs to deliever the orphan to a particular Scout – Saturn. She is the most powerful of the Beasts who remain alive to this day.
Power(s): She has the power of the Celestial Dragon (Ryuu). She has the pattern of a dragon ‘tattooed’ on her body and it can come alive at her will. The dragon and Ayase are connected through a powerful link-up between the astral and material planes so any damage done to the dragon is dealt to Ayase bodily as well. Likewise, a bite from ‘Ryuu’ can drain someone of their powers in a hurry, depending on how long contact with the dragon is sustained. ‘Ryuu’ is also sentient in its own right and can even have conversations with Ayase. Its powerful psionic roar can tear away weak to mid-level illusions and physical matter alike. Can also transport Ayase and anyone she deems fit on its back for quick, long distance travel.

Name: Hikaru Mano
Sex: Male
Age: 14
H/W: 5’3” / 104 lbs
Eyes: Pearl / Crystal Blue (turns Amber on occasion)
Hair: Dark brown hair with a flare of lighter brown hair at his bangs, spiked
Story: Another Celestial Beast, he is with his ‘onee-chan’ Ayase and traveling to find the Sailor Scouts to help them get back at the Celestial Beast Hunter and to become permanent allies with them.
Power(s): His Beast is somewhat of a mystery, appearing as a Phoenix in glowing astral flames. Rumored to be on par with Ayase’s Dragon but its power is still undefined.

Role of the Celestial Beasts –

The Celestial Beasts were at the beck and call of the Sailor Scouts long ago, who could use any one of the beasts to their own will, channeling their powerful energies through the Celestials and amplify their own power by many times. The Celestial Beasts were not partial to just one element or power, but could be used by any Scout who called upon them, thus making very powerful combinations but some beasts amplified the Scouts’ powers more readily than others.
(in other words, for example, the Dragon could be used to channel Mercury’s and Neptune’s water attack energy, but its power won’t be as strong as if it would be if it was to channel Mars’ fire…or even dark holy energy like Pluto’s Dead Scream, for which it was originally intended for. This does not mean that only Pluto can use the Celestial Dragon – any Scout can call upon the Celestial for its assistance)

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