Top Picks according to Yahoo Travel Tokyo

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Top Picks according to Yahoo Travel Tokyo

Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 03:20

Sights -- The serene Meiji Shrine; the Buddhist Asakusa Kannon
Temple; the view of the city from atop the Tokyo Tower or Tokyo
Metropolitan Government Office Building; a performance of traditional
Japanese drama at Kabukiza Theater or Kanze Nohgakudo.

Museums -- Learning about the city's history and people at the
Edo-Tokyo Museum; Fukagawa Edo Museum, which explores life in
19th-century Tokyo; the impressive collection of Japanese art at The
Tokyo National Museum.

Memorable Meals -- Fresh sushi eaten in the wee hours at the
Tsukiji Fish Market; watching the chef at Ten-Ichi prepare your
tempura by hand; the novelty of conveyor-belt food at Heirokuzushi or
another _kaiten_ (round and round) restaurant.

Late Night -- Dancing at Yellow or one of Tokyo's other high-energy
discos; window-shopping or strolling along the Ginza, especially
during the Christmas season.

Recreation -- A stroll through Shinjuku Garden; a walk along the
moat of the Imperial Palace when the cherry blossoms are in bloom
(late March or early April).

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