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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 03:18


(Two-Tiered Bridge). This is surely the most photogenic spot on the grounds of the former Edo-jo,
which you can approach no closer than the head of the short stone bridge called the *Sei-mon*
*Sekkyo*. Cordoned off on the other side is the *Sei-mon*, through which ordinary mortals may pass
only on January 2 and December 23. The guards in front of their small, octagonal, copper-roof sentry
boxes change every hour on the hour -- alas, with nothing like the pomp and ceremony of
Buckingham Palace. Ni-ju-bashi arcs over the moat from the area inside Sei-mon. In the background
the *Fushimi* *Yagura* watchtower makes for a picturesque backdrop. The bridge is a minute's walk
north of the subway; follow the Imperial Palace moat to the courtyard in front of the gate. Subway:
Chiyoda Line, Ni-ju-bashi-mae Eki (Exit 2). (Source: Fodors)

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