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What has happened in this RPG so far Empty What has happened in this RPG so far

Post by mercuryfan on Sat 12 Oct 2013, 03:04

Note : references to message numbers in here are to the appropriate post in
the Yahoo Group that this RPG was hosted on from Sept. 2001 to June 2014 -
if you want to see more detail about that thing, go there ( our Yahoo Group
home page


My memories of the early parts of this RPG are kind of sketchy, since it
happened so long ago, but I think it started out pretty normally for a
next-school-year-after-Sailor-Stars RPG. The first big thing to happen that you
should know about was a little ways in, when the former player named Glenn
introduced the Black Blossum Clan, a group of six made-up villains. Info about
them from two early posts to this Group has been copied into two files in the
Profiles section. Before long, Black Rose was killed by one of the allies of the
senshi, I think in a swordfight.

A little while later, the senshi and their allies went to Negative Heaven, an
underworld-type place, in pursuit of the villains. Sailor Mercury was kidnapped
right away in their journey in Negative Heaven and taken through a portal to an
unknown part of Negative Heaven; the portal closed right after that, of course.
So the senshi and their allies explored Negative Heaven to try to find Mercury,
and hopefully the villains too. Black Daisy then appeared to them, but was soon
killed by one of the allies. One of the other allies then revived Daisy and
convinced him to join their side. Then Black Bellbud appeared to them and the
same things happened to her that had recently happened to Daisy (being killed,
then revived, and allying with the senshi).

After quite a bit more exploring of Negative Heaven, the senshi and their allies
finally found Mercury, but she was low on energy, since much of it had been
magically taken away from her by one or more villains. Soon after this, the
senshi and their allies teleported back to Earth's surface, specifically Rei's
shrine in Tokyo, and left Ami (now detransformed) in a building at Rei's shrine.
Soon after that, Asena (a rather new villain at the time) wanted to fight
Sailors Saturn & Ressonance to get the Silence Glaive; they agreed to do this on
the grounds of Rei's shrine (i.e. outside the buildings). With the assistance
of another character, Asena was able to grab the Silence Glaive from Saturn's
hand, and quickly disappear with it.

A little later, Asena reappeared and offered a rematch for the Silence Glaive.
The senshi and their allies were unsuccessful at getting it back before Asena
disappeared again, but a couple young teenagers (who turned out to be the
Celestials) arrived and offered to help the senshi. Ayase (one of these two
teens) mentioned (after Asena left) how a sailor warrior and a Celestial could
combine their powers (msg. # 3216), so Venus decided to try it with Ayase. The
resulting amplified attack vaporized one of the trees on the shrine grounds
(msg. # 3229). This attracted six other senshi, though one of them was Sailor
Betelguese, who had figured in the last Asena-vs.-senshi battle that her duty
was to protect the Silence Glaive, no matter who held it. Soon afterwards, all
of them set out to find Spencer (the Celestial Hunter who had appeared in the
last Asena-vs.-senshi battle, and whose help Asena had refused) and Asena,
though Betelguese obviously for a different reason than the others. A little
later, they all reunited on top of a tall building in Tokyo, and a battle royale
ensued. All three villains and a few of the "good guys" eventually ran low on
energy or got badly hurt, so the three villains retreated to Asena's penthouse
to recuperate while the senshi and their allies retreated to a nearby park to
also recuperate (Spencer had attacked the building one last time as he left,
causing it to become unstable).

The next morning, Makoto remembered that Ami had been left at Rei's shrine. So
she quickly prepared for school, then went to check on Ami. Finding her still
weak and in the same place, Makoto called Ami's mother; Dr. Mizuno arrived and
took Ami to the hospital where she works, since nobody knew what was wrong with
her (msg. # 4069). Soon after school started that same day, Usagi, Makoto, and
Minako left to help the StarLights and Kakyuu, since those four had appeared at
Chibi-Usa's school while injured from a battle, causing the pink-haired girl to
call Usagi on her communicator. On the way, the three found Achyan (Ami's
daughter from the future) and took the little girl with them to Chibi-Usa's
school. After arriving at this school and making sure nothing could get worse
(as well as Uranus calling a senshi meeting for that evening), Usagi took Achyan
to Dr. Mizuno's hospital to see Ami. When the two arrived in Ami's hospital
room, Ami was unconscious. A few of Achyan's tears hitting her face caused Ami
to return to consciousness and gain a little energy. But Ami was still weak, so
Dayne (a senshi ally being played then) and Usagi, the latter transforming just
before Dayne phased him & her back to Negative Heaven (phasing is similar to
teleporting), returned there. Those two eventually found the creature who was
receiving Ami's energy (msg. # 4634), and before long killed it, as well as a
couple other creatures who had arrived to help the creature who was receiving
Ami's energy. After a couple unsuccessful tries, Dayne found a way to draw out
almost all of the stolen energy in that creature at the time; the two then
returned to Ami's hospital room so she could get back her energy.

That evening, there was a talent contest of ten male singers. Nibunno Ichi (one
of the ten) easily won; but while singing during the contest, he (unwittingly?)
released a singing power, similar to the singing power of the Three Lights when
one of them sings alone. Usagi, the Three Lights themselves (these three had
been watching from the audience incognito), and a few of the made-up characters
felt this power (with varying degrees of figuring it out).

Soon after the talent contest was over, a youma, that Asena and Sailor
Betelguese had created, attacked in the parking lot there. After a medium-length
battle, the youma was burned to ashes. The one big development in it (well, two
if you count Sailor Phoenix entering and being welcomed by Eternal Sailor Moon)
was Henko rushing out to this battle when she noticed what was going on. She
provided a little healing-type help for Sailor Ressonance (who was unconcious
due to being electrocuted just after being thrown through the air by the youma),
then used a little of her western magic to make a plant grow rapidly around the
youma, trapping it. This was Henko's first experience at fighting against a
SailorMoon-type villain. Soon after this battle was over, Henko went home for
the night; because her parents felt her using her power, they (pretty much)
required Henko to start going through some training from them soon (Henko's
mother is a full practicing western-style witch, and Henko's father has some
sort of family history fighting monsters).

Then the sailor soldiers and a few allies detransformed and went to Rei's temple
for the long-planned meeting (there is a bare-bones summary of it in msg. #
6275). As the meeting was winding down, Spencer, with Asena joining in a little
later, created a commotion several blocks away that attracted some of them. A
battle slowly built up as many of the sailor soldiers & allies ran over, one or
two at a time. At one point, Kouhei joined in (coming from elsewhere),
transformed, and switched from the villains' side back to the sailor soldiers'
side. But she was soon killed by a shot from the Silence Glaive that Asena still
had. This battle ended when Sailor Saturn used Betelguese's Riot Staff to
seriously injure Asena. The other important development from it was that a
couple attacks "froze" Spencer and chopped him up into many small pieces. But
due to Spencer's Byakko power, he was apparently still not dead.

As that last battle was happening, Eclipse Knight (the transformed Nibunno Ichi)
attacked the three StarLights while they were in their apartment. This villain
injured all three so badly that they were unconcious for a little while. When
they woke up, they detransformed and went to the hospital themselves. While
they were in the hospital, Helios healed each of them late that evening, so that
they were able to go back home the next morning.

While she was at the meeting (beginning of second-last paragraph) and it was
wrapping up, Makoto suddenly passed out and had a semi-realistic (and
frightening) dream while unconscious. In the dream, she was attacked by
Nathanial (an ancestor of Ulrich; this ancestor was corrupted by the
shadow-dragon Bane). As a result of the dream, several small dragon-scales, and
one large one, got lodged in Makoto's back (in reality, not just the dream).
One of Rei's ofuda got rid of all the small ones and shrunk the large one, but
that remaining one then disappeared inside Makoto. It has been influencing her
ever since (more in second-next paragraph).

Sometime during the latter part of that day, another villain came to Tokyo with
grand plans. Lord Onyx, with the help of his partners, are trying to infect
everyone with a highly-addictive substance called DREAM, in order to get a large
army of followers. So far, they have mostly tried to keep a low profile,
because they need time (like days, if not weeks) to see results from their
plans. Though they have been working to some degree with the yakuza in Tokyo to
help put their plans into motion, and at one point captured Dayne to put him on
trial (he was released after the trial).

The next morning, Makoto made about twenty-five bentos for her friends, each one
custom-made; this sort of over-doing of a typical Makoto trait is one example of
the dragon-scale's influence on her. It has changed her behavior in other ways,
also - for example, flirting with the deliveryman she called to deliver most of
these bentos, and causing her to become indignant when Usagi (without seeing
her) thought someone else was at the door and didn't react so well. This
indignation made her shove the bento for Usagi into Ikuko's arms and run away
from the Tsukino house, where she had gone to deliver Usagi's bento herself. It
even made her head away from school at that time (instead of towards it like she
usually would); through a series of weird events, she soon ended up in Shinjuku,
and happened to briefly see Lord Onyx and two of his partners before getting
scared and running away (thinking they might be yakuza and realizing she was
outnumbered). Taking a train back towards school, Makoto had another dream that
affected her reality; it made her not arrive until the beginning of lunch, and
even then only at the hospital where Ami was, since it was the site of one of
the four battles (see next paragraph). At the end of this battle, Makoto passed
out from using too much energy, followed by having yet another dream about
pretty much the same things as the last two.

Also that morning, a dark storm cloud mysteriously appeared over Tokyo. It
started raining all over the city just after school started. The unpredicted
storm was Spencer's Byakko power - since he had been broken up into many pieces
the night before, this power was released over the city. The power of the
Byakko-caused storm really manifested itself around the beginning of lunch time,
when four special lightning strikes caused four creatures to appear at various
points where the characters were in Tokyo (summarized in msg. # 7117, msg. #
7140, & msg. # 7180). The four were defeated with some difficulty (in the order
Pride, Power, Desire, Pleasure). Then the Byakko energy from the four floated
back up into the sky and the rain ended, followed by a ray of light shining down
in front of the Crown Game Center/Fruits Parlor Crown, then Byakko himself
appearing there. Most, if not all, of the senshi and their allies, as well as
Asena and a couple other villains who wanted to help defeat the powerful Byakko,
headed over there for the next battle. In the middle of this long battle that
went between in front of this building, inside it, and on its roof, Byakko took
the Silence Glaive from Asena. A short time later, it got knocked out of
Byakko's hand, where Citrakite (a senshi ally) was able to grab it and take it
to Saturn, so she finally got her glaive back. Soon after that, a weakened
Byakko made over a thousand were-tigers appear all over the battle to help him.
The senshi and their allies defeated some of them, but needed the help of the
army (called in by Shugorei, an apparent senshi ally) to take them all out.
After the battle was over, first the leader of the army, and then Shugorei,
suggested the senshi retire because they said they could take care of things
now; naturally, this made the senshi and their allies either indignant (Eternal
Sailor Moon) or suspicious of them (most of the others).

After the battle, Eternal Sailor Moon, Mars, and Venus went to the hospital to
see Ami (each of the three detransforming along the way), Saturn & Hikaru went
to see a movie (the former detransforming before getting to the theater), Pluto
took DaiTaiyoh (another senshi ally) to the outers' home (each of these two
detransforming on the way there), Sailors Chibi Moon and Ressonance decided to
stay in the Crown Game Center for a while (they detransformed in the stairwell
of the Crown building), and Uranus and Neptune detransformed and decided to also
head home; also, Sailor Phoenix, Sailor Bellbud, Sailor Daisy, and Ayase each
went to their respective homes. Just after they got to where Ami was, Minako
and Rei went on an errand for Ami (to pick up enrollment forms for Achyan to
Juuban Elementary School); Minako has since returned from that errand. When she
was at the outers' home with just Kamiya (the detransformed DaiTaiyoh), Setsuna
tried on a beautiful silk kimono Kamiya had gotten for her as a gift; the idea
was she would wear this kimono when they married (msg. # 7645 & msg. #
7661). Then these two planned out a dinner date for a little later that day;
Kamiya then left the outers' home to give Setsuna time to prepare for it.
Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa went home and Sakuya went to a park where nothing is
happening (msg. # 7973). Then Lilly & Geranium went to one restaurant in a
multi-story shopping center, while Hikaru & Hotaru went to a different cafe in
that same shopping center. Due to a lost boy annoying them, the former two
transformed into Black Lilly & Black Geranium and captured that boy (msg. #
7995). Hotaru & Hikaru noticed the crowd fleeing that scene, and after those
two got up near where Black Lilly & Black Geranium were, Hotaru transformed
and called the other senshi on her communicator.  Uranus, Neptune, Pluto,
DaiTaiyoh, and Mars  (Pluto & DaiTaiyoh interrupting their date that they had
been just starting in detransformed form) came to where Saturn & Hikaru
were, and those seven battled Black Lilly & Black Geranium there in the shopping
center.  At one point in the battle, Black Geranium became severely injured and
released the boy she had been holding hostage; that's about when Black
Snapdragon arrived, and the three villains left the scene, detransformed, and went
to a hospital to get care for Geranium's injury.  Meanwhile, Rose (a new villain)
arrived in the shopping center where the senshi & their allies were, and another
battle ensued.  It ended with Rose's defeat, and she left.  Then DaiTaiyoh & Pluto
left to go on their date at a nice restaurant.  Ayase arrived where the others were,
and she helped the injured Hikaru get home. One more thing - Makoto explained to Usagi
and Ami (in the latter's hospital room) what has been going on with her (msg. #

That gets you up to the end of the last RPG-day we played on the Yahoo Group.

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