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Climate and Transportation Empty Climate and Transportation

Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 02:52

The temperate climate brings dry and mild-to-cold winters, warm and
humid summers and pleasant springs and autumns. Rainfall is
common March-October. The best times to visit are April-May, for the
blooming cherry blossoms and pleasant weather, and
October-November for changing leaves and similarly enjoyable
weather. It can get hot and muggy in August. Winter seldom brings
snow, but temperatures usually drop below freezing for a few days.
Average temperatures: January 39 F/4 C; April 56 F/13 C; July 78 F/26
C, October 63 F/17 C.


The subway and surface train system is, without a doubt, the most
efficient way to get around Tokyo. It's a much better option than taxis,
which are unbelievably expensive and get caught in the tangle of
traffic. The rail system may seem complex, but the secret is knowing
the color code of the line that stops nearest your destination.

One of the very best aspects of travel in Tokyo is the people. Most of
them will bend over backward to help you. Just point out your
destination on an English- _and_ Japanese-language map or show
them your destination written out in Japanese by your hotel staff.
They'll almost always help you buy your ticket and direct you to the
right platform. And don't be surprised if they take you halfway across
town, right to where you want to go, just out of kindness -- or,
sometimes, for an opportunity to practice speaking English.

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