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Asena Kuroyoru - Sailor Crimson Empty Asena Kuroyoru - Sailor Crimson

Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 01:12

Name: Kuroyoru Asena
Alias: Sailor Crimson, Guardian of Fire and Death
Planet Alignment: COROT-7b
Age: 18
Birthdate: December 29
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Gravure Model
Eyes: Dark red
Hair: Black with a bit of curl, extends to the middle of her back
Personality: Much like her aligned planet, she is very hard to reach and
extremely volitile. She is cold to most people, extremly ruthless when she has
a goal, and has an ego to match the planet which is twice the size of earth.
After the loss of the Silence Glaive during the Byakko incident, Asena has
revealed a firey temper to match the molten lava seas of COROT-7b.
Transformation Phrase: Crimson Darkness Power! Make Up!
Transformation items: Crimson red star earings with a black cresent moon
surrounding them.
Appearence: Civilian - With her modeling career in high swing, she dresses the
part. Usually comfortable, but always fashionable. She often wears sunglasses
to try and blend in with the public.
Senshi - Her outfit replaces the typical white of the sailor uniform with
Black. Her skirt, bows, and cowl are crimson red. With red gems and boots, she
really does put on the display of evil. recently she has doned a crimson Sailor
V like mask. Not that there is any mistaken who she is. She is sometimes seen
weilding a crimson handled sword.
Crimson Flame Surge - A quick fire engulfed body blow punch
Crimson Infernal Wave - Creating a towering wave of intense flames, she crashes
it down on top of her enemies before swirling it up to create a bubble like
prison. With the intense flames, most enemies do not last very long.
Crimson Pyro Leviathan - Conguring the emense raw power of flames, she fine
tunes them down into the shape of the Water Dragon leviathan. The construct of
dazzling white flames follows the path her fist takes to attack her enemies.

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