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"Shukumei no Daishonin" DaiTaiyoh
Name: Kamiya Tayoh
Age: 20
b-day: January 1
Height: 6' 2"
Eye color: silver
Hair Color: Short White
Personality: he is calm, nice, very friendly
Trsformation name: Dai Taiyoh/ZeroTaiyoh/HouTaiyoh
Henshin: Execute! Taiyoh Revolution! [DaiTaiyoh]
Uprgrade or Downgrade Revolution [Dai/ZeroTaiyoh]
Execute ZeroTaiyoh Revolution! [ZeroTaiyoh]
Burning Execute! Phoenix Revolution! [HouTaiyoh]
Talisman: Fingerless Gloves or Phone [DaiTaiyoh]
Zero Scarf [ZeroTaiyoh]
Phoenix Lotus [HouTaiyoh]
Element: Sun, life, and Fate
Battle colors: Black/White/Orange
Uniform: Black Sleeveless cheongsam with a white sun symbol on the
back, the jacket becomes longer when he becomes ZeroTaiyoh
The Zero Scarf is Orange with a white sun symbol on its
Glasses of Galaxia (a pair of pilot goggles, that were
given to him by his mother, he gains these when he's
Shoes: None,although he wears a pair of black Chuck Taylor All-Stars
Gloves: black fingerless with the sun symbol in white
Weapon: Variable, since his weapons are the "Shukumei no hon" (Books
of Fate) and the Phoenix Naginata
Attacks: Daishohin Mimic - he can incantate any of their moves, really
not that strong.
Phoenix Wind - Slashing the Phoenix Naginata he throws a
tornado at the certain target, if it is friend it will heal
the target, if it is an enemy it will encase them in a tempest
of fire.
Sunlight Blaze - a giant solarbeam, however this has to be
charges for a long while.
Taiyoh Solar Tempest - if he is hurt real bad, he releases all
energy stored and sends it flying towards the enemy if anyone
is in the way of Taiyoh something will happen to the person or
people in the way of the tempest
Upgragde/Downgrade Revolution - can change into ZeroTaiyoh or
back into Dai Taiyoh, however this will drain some energy from
Phoenix Reverse - [ZeroTaiyoh] ZeroTaiyoh will throw one
hundred ofuda everywhere, if an ofuda is attached, it will
determine, whether or not it should help or damage the person
or creature.
Godhand Wave [ZeroTaiyoh] - a Stronger version of Sunlight
Blaze, but it is charged shorter than the Sunlight Blaze, but
ZeroTaiyoh loses energy in the process.
Eternal Phoenix Storm [ZeroTaiyoh] - Possibly an last-ditch
effort, if done, Kamiya returns to the Plane of Fate to
recuperate. It is a fusion of Phoenix Wind, Sunlight Blaze,
and Taiyoh Solar Tempest
Nova Storm [HouTaiyoh} a stronger Taiyoh Solar Tempest, and it
will heal him and anyone else good in due time..it says it has
the power of resurrection.

The Legendary Scribe of fate, his name is Emperor Kamiya Taiyoh of
Taiyoh (Sun). Kamiya is the youngest kindergarten-1 Teacher at Juuban
Elementary school [20 years old]. He is loved by all of the
kindergarteners at the school, with his kind spirit and benevolent
attitude he is loved by all. Kamiya is a good friend of Setsuna Meioh
(Sailor Pluto). Kamiya is always either at the Royal Crown arcade,
playing video games or At the "Nobara" flower shop speaking to his
childhood friend Daigoh Kurotsuki (Akino)

When trouble is around, he becomes DaiTaiyoh, the legendary soldier of
Taiyoh. Taiyoh's ability of fighting is par none that to anyone, with
the "Shukumei no Hon" at his side. His weapon is the Phoenix Naginata, a
halberd that its blade is shaped like a phoenix's wing. with the
phoenix's Wing he can execute the "Phoenix Wind" an attack that can
either heal or damage a person.

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