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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 01:05

Character Bio: Sailor Psycho (as in Psychosis)

True Name: Onnano Henko (Weird Little Girl is the approximate translation)
Height: 5í2
Weight: 42kg (92 lbs.)
Ethnicity: Half American/Half Japanese. Her Father is Japanese (much older), her mother is American (and practicing Witch) who came to Japan to study the eastern Magickís.
Hair: Blonde and Black. (the two run in streaks all along her hair, making it LOOK dyed but this is fact her true hair color.)
Eyes: Brown.
3 sizes: Bust: 26B, 22, 24
Favorite Foods: Teriyaki-merinated Steak strips. Mashed Potatos and gravy.
Least Favorite foods: anything sweet. (her teeth are sensitive to sweets and cold)
Hobbies: Divination, Reading, Studying for College. She Attends Juuban Highschool in class 2-D
Favorite Subjects: History, Literature.
Least favorite Subjects: Science (as it seems to make a mockery of her beliefs)
Animal Familiar: Feral, a reddish brown fox. Feral is, like Luna and Artemis, from the moonkingdom originally and has been reincarnated as an earth-fox. his crecent moon mark is currently inactive, though he is already bonded to Henko through magic. Once released, He will be able to think, move, and talk as freely as Luna or Artemis.
Bio: In the silver millenium, Henkoís parents ran a sanitarium for those afflicted with Lycanthropy-the madness that one transforms into an animal by the light of the full moon. They also did their best to heal the sick and injured. Henko was just beginning her training as a Senshi, under Mercury and Moon. Henkoís primary area of influence was clarity, and while not much of an offensive senshi, could combine her powers with Moon and Mercuryís so as to make them each much more powerful. when the dark kingdom attacked, Henko was struck down and killed early on. Reborn into the future, Henko is not sure what to make of the recent dreams she has had about battles on the surface of the moon and of the Moon princess.
with the newly aquired powers received from studying eastern and western magick, henko is a moderately-strong spellcaster as well as one of the ësupportí senshi.
However, the Shadow of the Heir-apparent to the dark kingdom has fallen upon her and great misfortune lies in her future.

Senshi Attacks:
1. Morbid Cry: a direct energy attack that takes the shape of the targets worst fear. this is a damaging attack.
2. Booster Attack: when used, this energy technique will make either Mercury or Moons attacks yet even MORE potent. she currently, cannot use her powers to boost the outers or the other inners.
3. ShadowMoon Blast: this is an attack that draws from the darkside of the moon. it is a super-cold attack that freezes its target in place. this is also a damaging attack and sadly has no useful properties outside of combat.
4. Spell magic: Just as Rei can use her powers of divination and Ofuda-scrolls, Henko also knows western-style summonings and enchantments. through her magic, she can call lightning from the sky, teleport from place to place, assist deciphering ancient languages, and knows the Runic alphabet. She also knows the secrets of Rune-magic, the creation of magic wands and western-style talismans.
Personality notes: She is EXTREMELY courteous to Mikoís (such as Rei) and Priests (such as Grandpa Hino) and dislikes anyone who puts their religions standards (such as christianity and its offshoots) first.
She is far from traditional japanese though and speaks with a bit of an accent. (she lives six months out of the year in Tokyo, and then the other half in the continental United states in Salem, Mass.) she is also fluent in English (often assists her teachers in the subject) and literate in both of her native languages.
one thing though, is that she lives very much in the moment when not studying or doing her homework. she seldom thinks past the next day in matters of money, scheduling time with her friends, or even mealtimes!
she respects a 10 pm curfew though (which will come into conflict with her duties as a senshi) and performs the same daily rituals which include Exercise, Meditation, mantras, bathing, and preperation for school. thus, Henko takes much more time in getting prepared then most girls her age.
Furthermore, Henko does NOT believe in makeup more then a little Khol or eyeshadow around her eyes and light rouge on her cheeks. she does not wear lipstick or lipgloss.
she often wears two-three pairs of earrings (despite being told not to) and usually 3-4 rings as well as a native american medicine bag around her neck.
Fuku Description: Her Sailor Costume appears totally different depending on which side is seen. The left half is the usual skirt, leotard combo (white base, light violet highlights, with an ankle-length boot-also violet.) the Right half is ripped leather with more then a few revealing spots. The Right sleeve is adorned with buckles and straps, a bracer on the right forarm and small studded spikes on the knuckles. The Right Boot is thigh length with plates covering the shin and Knee with a razor sharp boot blade at the very tip of the toes.
Her hair is neat and braided on the left side while the right side is completely a mess and wild, as though tossed by a storm.


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