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names/titles: Lord Onyx, AKA Onyx The Shadowblade, the Dark Paladin, Onyx Nightfall, Lord of Cerberus.
Pseudonyms: Alex Ruby
Position/Character Template: Dark Kingdom General (formerly Liege Knight of Queens Metallia and Beryl...in the RPG storyline, he is a General-much like Jedite, Nephrite, Zoycite, and Kunizite, only closer to Beryls Powerlevels)
Height: 6, 4"
Weight: 280 lbs.
Physical notes: Same Species as queen Beryl. He is Rather tall, Muscular, has long flowing Black hair (mid-back length), Feline Eyes, Fangs, slightly Fuzzy appearance, with long pointed ears. He dresses in the standard uniform of one of the generals of beryl, only also wears a black breastplate, gauntlets, shin gaurds, Calf-length Black Boots, a black Cloak and carries the Sword of Shadows. (description-an engraved blade of mystical origin, its cast from the skull, spinal column, and pelvis of a shrunken demon. when the command "shadows come forth" it creates a long, black energy blade that absorbs light. the only thing that stop such a blade is magic barriers or a similar blade...for those who have watched slayers, this sounds like an evil sword of light. in the first incarnation it was a normal blade, but our campaign ended up incorporating slayers elements..and onyx here...basically ended up a fusion of Zelgadis and Gourry...only much much smarter..)
Powers: magical knowledge, Summoning knowledge, swordplay, Youma Creation.
special attacks: Ultima-the spell of absoulte destruction
Summoning/fusion-merges with beings of great power to augment himself.
Blade channels magic spells to enhance itself (mostly to Paralyze, Freeze, Burn, or deflect magic attacks.
Youma Summoning.
Allies: Tick-Tock, a surprisingly human-appearing youma. the only diffrence is ticktock has perpetually unblinking eyes. she serves as Onyx's spy. Her powers affect time, either speeding up or slowing it down. she can also affect a targets perception of time (seeming to be only a few minutes when nearly three hours have passed...) Ticktock's powers stem from a magic pocketwatch which dangles from a chain around her hips. Amazingly enough, Onyx and ticktock are involved in a relationship both of which are amazed by human emotion--the recent battles with the senshi and exposure to humanity have brought them together.
Age: Onyx is over 2,000 years old and was one of the warriors who participated in the attack on the moonkingdom. He appears to be in his late 20's, Early 30's...
Side notes and complications: (IE things that can be used against him in roleplay)
1. Touched by positive Energy-Onyx is becoming aware more and more of the positive emotions, love; joy; happiness; and so forth, due to his exposure to the human world.
2. Phobia: Sailor Moon. Onyx Felt Usagis Defeat of Queen Beryl and Queen Metallia. He has a deep-rooted fear of destruction at the senshi's hand. If he knows he must face her, he manages through an air of disdain and mocking tones...if unprepared for her...well..you get the idea....
3. Overprotective of TickTock. TickTock insists in fighting at her master's side. where once this was no problem...with the defeat of the dark kingdom and the deaths of so many Youmas at the hands of the senshi, Onyx has become paranoid over his lovers/minion's safety.

Well...thats it for now...BTW..this character was originally part of a Tri-stat RPG camapaign that fused Sailor Moon with DBZ, Slayers, Tenchi, and Final Fantasy, each character had a theme (Onyx's was 'ride the dragon' by Manowar...)for this story, it is assumed that they have done much the same, hidden themselves in the human world. Onyx has dealt with the Yakuza and knows the value of money, drugs, guns, and the criminal syndicate. While Onyx is not obsessed with destroying the senshi, His approximate alignment is Lawful Evil with Neutral tendancies), he is not exactly the WARMEST person. Once he gives his word, he will keep it no matter what.
an aside note--Onyx is currently inhabiting the Mansion Created by Nephrite, as for some reason the dark kingdom is drawn there for some reason.


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