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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 00:58

civilian name- Melina Nara

Senshi Name- Sailor Splash

Height - 5 ft 8 in

Age-15 years old

eyes - light blue

hair - light blue like her eyes

fuku - full blue fuku- top is light blue while skirt is dark blue

Splash Staff- its a staff she creates out of water and ice with 3 points on it. (Like a trident)


healing water spring (Good guys only)
"Splashes them with warm rain to heal small wounds and bruises. can heal one person more but this is used for groups."

spinning icenado (medium icy tornado)
She creates a large number of Medium ice particles which spin around like a tornado and simultaneously fly toward the target.††The goal is to have the ice particles hit or cut up the target."

Rain darts

"She creates a cloud of water above the target, which creates a lot of rain that falls down like pins and needles on the target."

Splash Freeze Frame
"She creates a large pool of cold water in the air, which then flies toward the target, attempting to freeze it by solidifying around it."

transformation phrase "Sailor Star Splash MAKE-UP!"

HistoryÖ TBD

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