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Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 00:55

Character Creation Sheet

Villain Player name/nickname: Stephen Dareau
Group: Realm of Silence

Villain info (fill in everything applicable)

Name: Rose Albion
Age: 16
Alias if out in public: Rose Albion
Place of origin: Earth
Eye Color: Rose
Hair Color and length: black
Arch-Enemy: Mars
Minions: none at moment
Known Magic if any: plant/nature based
Reason for being a Villain aka Background:
Being born to a family line of scientists, Rose was forced to be one at the early age of ten. She learned quickly from the others and was working on a couple of experiments. One of which had some unexpected things go wrong, like 2 deaths of test subjects when the bosses found out the fired her and sent her out into the world. She hated them for it and now she has been doing tests on herself and turned herself into a human-plant creature. She wants revenge on her former bosses and will do whatever she wants to get it...

EVIL Stuff

Planet: Earth
Element of influence:
Gemstone: none
Transformation Saying:
Main Outfit: Thorny Vines rise up from the Earth and and wrap all around her. Then the Vines fall off of her revealing a green outfit that is a mix between Sailor Jupiter and Poison Ivy from Batman.


Flash Flora Attack: Plants and Vines appear by Rose's feet and rise up flying at her enemies attempting to ensnare them.

Pollination Blaster: Rose sets her arms straight at her target and out of her palms shoots Pollen meant to confuse and Dizzy her opponent.

Venomous Polluted Seed: A seed shot from Rose's palm. if the seed hits the body, it goes into the persons bloodstream and begins to poison them. (THERE IS A ANTIDOTE!!!!)

Duplication: She can make copies of herself (up to 7 copies not including Rose) But the copies can only do flash flora attack.

Unusual Pet(s): none
Magical Item: none

OTHER interesting stuff

Phobia: FIRE
Favorite food: Salads
Favorite color: Green
Other favorites: Causing harm and people crying
Dislikes: Sailor Senshi, hero's and do-gooders.

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