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Name: Sakuya Tomoe / Sailor Resonance
Age: (depends on saturns age in this rpg)
Hair color: Light purple
Eye color: Slightly darker light purple
Skin color: light tan

Subject: History
Food: sweet stuff
Color: dark green
Flower: Sakura (cherry) blossoms
Pass-time: going to the park and having fun

-----Least Favorite-----
Subject: Math
Food: spicy foods
Color: bright orange
Flower: anythng thats not colorful
Pass-time: doing nothing, or staying home

Hobbies: collecting'lost' items
Extracuricular activities: soccer, ice skating

Sakuya has a personality that is the exact opposite of Hotaru's (her twin
sister). She is easy going, very open with her feelings and opinions, and
always speaks her mind. She has both many friends and many enemies. Sakuya
loves to cause trouble at school, but she is an all around good person.

Sakuya is Hotaru's twin sister and they are like to parts to a whole,
where one is weak the other is strong. Hotaru doesnt know about her twin
sister, infact, very few people do. Only Oueen Serenity (Usagi's real mom)
and their parents from the past know.

Sonic Resonance!
- Raising her glaive and focusing her energy, Sailor Resonance is able to
amplify and manipulate electromagnetic resonance to her advantage to create
a great disturbance in the area. This momentarily created instability causes
the head/body to be unable to handle the amplified frequencies the ear detects.
However, this attack requires a great amount of energy to maintain for even a
short period of time. Therefore, after this attack has been executed, Sailor
Resonance may not attack for approximately 10 to 15 minuites and leaves her
vunerable, depending on the amount of energy consumed. This attack affects not
only enemies, but allies as well, unless allies are close enough to Sailor
Resonance (at most 1.5 meters, if not, less) or in physical contact with Sailor
Resonance to cancel out the effects of this attack.

Resonant Sound Wave!
- Bringing down her glaive to the ground at an incredible speed, Sailor
Resonance uses the sound created when the glaive is brought down as waves
traveling through the ground that are strong enough to cause physical damage
to the enemy. Sailor Resonance is able to create more than one powerful wave,
but the setback would be the amount of energy consumed for this attack.
The more waves created, the more energy is consumed. And in order to create
more than one wave used in the attack depends on the times she swings her
glaive. But this attack does not leave her vunerable like how Sonic
Resonance does. Sailor Resonance will still be able to evade and attack
the enemy decently enough that no injury is received after administering
this attack.

Resonance Pendulum!
- Swinging her glaive right to left in a pendulum-like manner, Sailor
Ressonance is able to create a void in which the frequency matches the
frequency of the attack an enemy has launched, absorbing/neutralizing the
attack. In a way, this void acts as a shield to protect the Senshi from harm.

Resonance Glaive

Resonance Saturn Makeup!

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