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Yosano Kouhei - Sailor Betelguese Empty Yosano Kouhei - Sailor Betelguese

Post by mercuryfan on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 00:43

Human Name: Yosano Kouhei (Kohei is his first name btw)
Scout Name: Sailor Betelguese aka the noble of noise
Age: same as Hotaru
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Build: light
Hair: Long Blonde in a pony tail that extends to his lower back
Eyes: Bright Blue
Weapon: Riot Staff (A pure metal staff with no sharp ends but stand seven feet
in length.)
Appearance:Human: conservative dress. sort of a goofball though and it can be
seen in the way he moves and stands.
Scout: A silver skirt and silver bow adorn the typical fuku of the scout. Her
gloves come just below the elbow. The hair is shortened, about sholder legth
and free. (And yes He does become a she. Kinda like the Star Lights.)
Attack: Betelguese Showtime Blast!- A massive ball of energy surrounds the
staff as it is held over her head. The staff is then thrown high into the air
and after a few spin kicks is kicked powerfully towards the enemy.
History: Kohei was in a comaduring the time of the Deathbusters. When Hotaru
became Sailor Saturn, he was awaken to a terrible dream. He stood as sailor
Betelguese and faced a massive ball of black energy that was powerfull enough
to destroy a galaxy or two. When he went to the restroom to wah off, he noticed
a few changes. Looking in a mirror, he saw he was in the fuku and was now
female. First of all she freaked and started screaming. Her voice also changed.
It was alittle while later that Kouhei relized why that happened when he felt
Hotaru's power during a fight.

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